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Adult Education Centre Ajdovščina is a public institution, which covers adult education in the area of the Vipava Valley. However, with individual projects it is nevertheless included into a wider Slovenian and European space.  The founder of the centre is the Municipality of Ajdovščina.

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The institution builds its mission on an almost 60-year-old tradition and it brings the mission to life with encouragement to learn as well as offering quality educational programmes. In doing so, it strives for constant improvement of possibilities for adults, offering individuals lifelong access to high-quality learning opportunities which encourage personal and professional development, strengthen self-confidence, flexibility, employability and active participation in the society. The institution mainly covers the field of non-formal education. It carries out different programmes of work training, general education and social inclusion. It also develops new practice in the field of intergenerational learning and green education.

Within the framework of the programme Project Learning of Younger Adults, the institution’s staff works with the youth who dropped out of school, are facing school-related issues or are unemployed. The institution offers support activities, two of which are Self-learning Centre and the activity of informing and advising for adults.

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The Adult Education Centre Ajdovščina has a staff of 10 professionals from different areas of expertise. They help adults with a completed education to acquire skills and motivation to facilitate their way to employment or to complete their education. In order to increase their general education, the teaching staff helps form adults’ professional identity and socio-cultural activities. Through various methods and techniques of work, the staff helps adults to increase their potential to develop professional identity and successful integration into the labour market and into society. In addition, it cooperates with development agencies, the Employment service, social work centres, libraries, municipalities, chambers, tourist information centres, local communities, economic entities, etc. In fact, it cooperates with all those willing to participate by offering programmes for raising the quality of life of local inhabitants.

Nowadays, the Adult Education Centre Ajdovščina has more than 1500 learners. They are a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and needs. The teaching staff uses different methods: in-depth career counselling - individual and group. Learners are helped through various creative approaches (through literature, visual arts, body language use, and imagination), methods and techniques (empathy, summarization, confrontation, NLP methods and techniques, some techniques of behavioural-cognitive therapy...), and tools for lifelong career guidance (interest tests, career cards, questionnaires on thoughts and beliefs, etc.). The teaching staff helps learners to explore their own thoughts, emotions, their professional interests and competences.

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Adult Education Centre Ajdovščina offers programmes for different vulnerable target group, such as unemployed, elderly people, young people without finished primary or secondary school, and immigrants. The programmes are oriented towards raising the level of literacy in general as well as the levels of ICT literacy and digital literacy, sustainable development, etc. Furthermore, the programmes focus on lifelong learning and intergenerational cooperation and learning. The institution tries to create a cooperative learning environment where all the learners (elderly and young) can acquire and improve their skills and seek the innovations and best practices by means of lifelong learning, intergenerational learning and e-learning.

The institution’s missions and visions are based on professionalism, individual approach, knowledge, good relations and orientation towards the future.

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The Adult Education Centre Ajdovščina has extensive experience with social inclusion, intergenerational learning and lifelong learning programmes which were obtained working on different project co-financed by the European Social Fund, the Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, the Slovenian Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, and the Slovenian Ministry of the Internal Affairs. 

For the past few years, this institution has devoted its attention to vulnerable target groups with literacy programs, and it is implementing:

  • a programme for training for lifelong successfulness intended for participant with up to 10 years of education (Usposabljanja za življenjsko uspešnost, namenjene udeležencem z do 10 let šolanja)
  • programmes for enhancing basic competences of adults (Programi za dvig temeljnih kompetenc odraslih)
  • a computer literacy programme for adults (Računalniška pismenost za odrasle)
  • a programme for project learning for empowering adults to enter the labor market and actively participate in society (PRODUK-Program projektnega učenja za opolnomočenje odraslih za približevanje in vstop na trg dela ter dejavno sodelovanje v družbi)
  • a programme for project learning for young adults (PUM-O: projektno učenje mlajših odraslih)
  • computer literacy programs for the elderly and the unemployed (Programi računalniškega digitalnega opismenjevanja za starejše in brezposelne)
  • The Centre for Intergenerational Learning Ajdovščina. In this programme, the objective is to learn in an intergenerational context. The target groups are vulnerable adults such as adults with special needs, people over the age of 65 or unemployed adults. This programme is associated with community learning.
  • Green education: Back to the nature. The goal of this programme is to make environmental education accessible to everyone. Its target groups are people over the age of 65 and people with special needs.
  • Informing and counselling for adults. This is a support activity to guide adults to decide about their education, learning and development.

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The Adult Education Centre Ajdovščina has many years of experience with the implementation of study circles, which are primarily related to the countryside. A part of our institution is also a Learning Centre in Brje where the content of the activities is linked to the production and processing of fruit. Activities, especially the practical part, are also carried out in nature. The centre’s staff has extensive experience in participating and developing programmes and courses for adult and youth education.

In the local environment, companies recognize us as a major provider of educational programs.In addition to regular educational offerings programs we offer companies education custom. Taking into account the needs and wants we prepare the relevant company programs with personalized content, duration, dates and selection of lecturers. We provide professional assistance to companies and support by providing the needy information and in-depth counseling with employers and their employees. We also prepare strategies for them effectively employee management and personal education plans. 

In cooperation with the municipality of Ajdovščina we organize every  year an event  InCastra - Industry day and entrepreneurship. The event combines and represents successful ones stories of the buckwheat economy, industry, entrepreneurship, knowledge and development.

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